About Us

You might expect to find a story of how we got started here.
But here’s what you really should know about us.


One of life’s great blessings is to enjoy the company of the people you work with. If you were a fly on our wall, you’ll find us working hard for you. You’d often hear laughter and joking. Yes, we have a lot of fun together while we work!

Whether we’re in a daily “huddle meeting” to coordinate our efforts, or we’re serving together in our community (which you can see in the video) we enjoy being together.

The most often-recurring comment we get from our agents is that they enjoy working with our team, too. Life’s too short for us (or for you) to settle for an impersonal or unhelpful environment.


Helping agents thrive and grow after they start with us is thrilling. We love the insurance industry and the work agents do to help their customers in case life takes a turn for the worse.

Learning about your history and your goals, setting up your insurance carrier appointments, hearing about your first sale, and of course getting your commissions to you every month – we love it all!