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Leave Anytime. Stay Because You Want To

A name tag with a bold green top border and white bottom featuring the text 'HELLO I AM... HERE TO STAY!' in handwritten black lettering.

Why would you enter a multi-year contract with a company that you’ve never done business with?  Agents frequently ask how Firefly’s contract compares to other […]

What are Your “What ifs?”

Close-up of a man in a blue and white stripped button down shirt speaking.

When you’re thinking about becoming an independent agent, your mind is full of “what ifs.” One should be: What if you don’t make a change? What […]

Insurance Agency Book Ownership

Fictional character, Dr. Rolf demonstrates the different between independent insurance agents and captive agents.

“Who owns the book of business?” You’d be crazy not to ask that question. This is your livelihood, your blood, sweat and tears. As Dr. […]

Why do Insurance Agents Fail?

A vintage black and white photo of a boxing match. One boxer stands victorious, his arm raised by the referee, while the other lies defeated on the canvas. The crowd watches intently in the background.

They say that failure isn’t fatal. But it still hurts! When you open your own independent insurance agency, we want to help you steer clear […]