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About Producers and Locations

Prospective agents often ask, “can I have people work as producers for me?” In short, the answer is: Yes! Here’s what you need to know: […]

Introducing your 24×7 assistant

Our team members love you, but they love their families too so they aren’t available 24×7. But, since we know agents often work around the […]

90% commission split. Always.

As you consider options to grow your agency, you’ll find there are plenty of insurance aggregators, clusters, and networks out there. Each has their own […]

What makes Firefly different?

Many organizations can get agents appointed with insurance carriers. You may be wondering what makes Firefly different from those companies. Our answer is… 1. More […]

Book Ownership

Graphic image of a pen and paper side by side.

“Who owns the book of business?” You’d be crazy not to ask that question. This is your livelihood, your blood, sweat and tears. You own […]

What questions should you be asking?

Hopefully you’re researching as much as you can to decide which outlet offers the right solution for you. Agents sometimes request a list of questions […]

Building your dream team

Growing agencies eventually need to hire employees to help with servicing, sales, or both.  We get asked several questions about agent hires: Is there an […]