Effective Documentation in Your Insurance Agency

Why Does Documentation Matter?

There are so many reasons! The simplest is that more control you have over your agency’s information, the better your odds of providing great service to your customers. They will have higher confidence in you, will trust you more, and refer you more business.

In the event of a possible E&O situation, there is nothing like documentation to show what really happened and save the day for you.

It’s also important because if you have staff, they need to document as well as you do. If you’re great at it, but others on your team don’t have the vision, they will leave you open to problems and trouble that could have been avoided. (You will find an E&O claim is very disturbing!)

Watch this Video about Documentation

Jaime Graham and Sandi Baker, both of Firefly’s Customer Experience Team, have been part of the team that created Firefly’s internal processes about documentation. They, with Taylor, share with you what they’ve learned, so you can implement these practices in your own agency.

These tips and processes refer specifically to EZLynx, but most management systems can be made to work in the same way.

The video includes much more than we can write up in text on this page. Watch it all, or use the chapter markings in the video to jump to the sections that you’re most interested in:

Here’s what’s covered in the video:

00:00 : Meet Taylor, Sandi, and Jaime!
00:11 : Record ALL contact numbers and info
01:40 : Why does documentation matter?
04:24 : Examples of good activity notes
05:49 : 3 steps for the best activity notes
07:00 : ⭐ Using LABELS for your notes
08:07 : An example label table
08:19 : Attaching documents in EZLynx
09:38 : Texting within EZLynx
11:38 : ⭐ Outlook add-in for EZLynx
16:18 : Tips for keeping labels simple and useful

Using Labels within EZLynx

Many participants said they loved learning more about labels for details, watch the relevant parts of the video. Also, here is a slide showing how Firefly’s team uses labels for activity notes:

Communicating with customers and having it documented

Keeping you labels organized and clear across your agency is important. Here is a sample label table, that helps our team keep their labels consistent:

Label chart

Attaching Documents is Easy and Amazing

Including documents within EZLynx is also super important. Thankfully, it’s also easy to do. You can listen to the team’s discussion of this in the video above. Here are two screen shots showing how it’s done:

Attaching documents 1

You can also link documents to specific policies. This saves you lots of time when you return to a client file and need to find something quickly:

Documents 2

Has this been helpful to you? If so, please let us know.

We thank Jaime Graham, Sandi Baker, and Heather McIntyre for their contributions to this article.