How to Know if Firefly is a Good Fit for You

Our goal is to help you find your best path to starting an independent agency, even if that path is not with Firefly.

And it’s easy to leave Firefly if you decide we’re not a good fit. Although we do our best to make the process simple, it’s even easier (and certainly wiser) to figure out if you’re a good match for us before joining our team.

For many people, Firefly is exactly what they were looking for. Watch these four agents describe how they would feel if they had to leave Firefly and go back to what they were doing before:



If the following descriptions apply to you, you might also  be the type of agent who would benefit most from working with Firefly:

You have plenty of prospects and need markets.

You are good at getting appointments, but you don’t have markets or carriers with which to close the sale.  Maybe your current pricing is weak, or your carrier resources can’t (or won’t) accommodate the prospect’s needs. These two things alone can result in a frustratingly low closing ratio.

As a Firefly agent, you get binding authority with our many carriers without the pressure of production requirements. You’ll close more of what you’re already quoting. (Here are the stories of a Texas and Tennessee agent who show how well this can work.)

You want to focus on doing what is best for your clients instead of worrying about production requirements.

The challenge of deciding between what is best for your customers and sales quotas that your carriers impose is a part of being an independent agent that may not appeal to you.  If you want the most carrier options for your customers without production requirements for each of those carriers – you’ll love working with us, as demonstrated by Dr. Rolf:


You would like to diversify into commercial insurance sales

Perhaps you’d like to diversify, but you lack the background for it or have had little or poor training.

Firefly gives you commercial insurance expertise, and you can learn and use our simple, thorough sales process. For starters, we’ll help you identify niche markets that you should pursue and discuss how to market to them. After training with us, you will radiate confidence. You’ll be comfortable working with small accounts, and the big accounts will seem more exciting than intimidating.

In both commercial markets and training, you get more with Firefly than with other aggregators or networks.

You are entrepreneurial.

You want the freedom to run your location the way you want, but you also want support, training, and marketing guidance.  If you want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself, you could be a great fit for us.  After all, one of Firefly’s primary goals is to “preserve and enhance the small business agency,” giving the hometown agent a competitive edge.

You want direct contact with underwriters and carrier marketing reps, without quotas.

With as many carriers as you’d have through Firefly, you wouldn’t have time for monthly meetings anyway. Nor would you have to manage production by carrier. As part of our team, you can have the access without the stress, which means you can focus on producing revenue.

You want to find a long-term solution and go through this process only once.

You are looking for a place you can build a business for yourself. And when you’ve done it, you want to be able to sell it, transfer it to a family member, or sit back and enjoy the residual income.

Firefly can be that place. You’ll have the opportunity to build your book and more freedom when it comes to agency perpetuation.

You realize that a high closing ratio gets you more revenue than a higher commission split with fewer carriers.

Not only do you get uber-high commissions with Firefly, you’ll also have many more carriers – all with direct appointments – than you would have with anyone else. These additional carrier appointments mean that your closing ratio should be significantly better with us.

Flip it around, and think of it this way. Imagine you have a higher commission on a handful of carriers. Across the street, a Firefly agent has many more carriers, and you’re both quoting the same prospect. Who is more likely to win that customer?

And therefore, who will make more money?

Even a 100% commission payout to you is no good if you can’t win the sale! That Firefly agent is going to make good money on that sale, while you made 100% of nothing.

Your carrier advantage means you should also retain more of your customers with Firefly than you would otherwise.  Not only will you be able to help more prospects, but you’ll also make more money long run because you have the options to keep your customers happy year after year.

This is a huge decision on your part, and we want you to have the information you need to make the right one. If you are still not sure if we’re a good fit for you, check out this article on who we find is not a good fit for Firefly.

If you’re ready to take the next step, download our ebook for comprehensive information on how to move forward and succeed as an independent agent today.