What if I Decide That Firefly Isn’t for me?

When we need to buy something from a big box store, Costco is easily our favorite. The adults love the low prices, and the kids really love the free samples. (We’ll admit it—we enjoy the samples too.)

But another thing we’ve always appreciated about Costco is its easy return policy.

If the ability to buy with confidence matters to me while grocery shopping, it should matter even more to you as you consider which insurance partner is the best fit for you.  This is, of course, much more important than buying groceries!

Deciding who can help you grow your business can be difficult. After you make a decision, you may wonder if you have done the right thing. Heck, even when things are going well we’ve had agents who have needed to leave on short notice because of a family emergency.

That’s why we’ve created a low risk contract that is really easy to leave.

Once you have made your Separation Payment you have no non-competes for your customers, or carriers. We just need 30-days notice so we can process your termination payment, and complete the off-boarding process. Send us your request in writing, and we’ll part ways as friends.  (Please remember that the up front fee is non-refundable).

There will be no hard feelings—just a little disappointment, for us, that it didn’t work out. But we’ll be happy we both gave it a shot.

Learn more about what Firefly can do for you by downloading our ebook here.