Firefly’s Unique Risk-Free Guarantee

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Most P&C networks charge upfront fees for direct appointments, but they don’t put their money where their mouth is. 🤔

  • What if appointments are delayed, or your onboarding isn’t as expected?
  • What if you can’t get the carriers or products you need?

Typically, your investment would be at risk, and your up-front fee would be lost forever.

⏩ Firefly changes the game here. We know we can keep our promises and get you appointed so you can grow your agency.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee makes it impossible for you to lose money on your investment with us. 

If you work with us and don’t make back at least the up-front fee within 6 months, Firefly will pay you back the difference.  The only requirement on your end is that to quote 75 unique prospects during the first 6 months. 

Here’s an example:

  • Let’s say you pay $7,500 to get started with Firefly.
  • 6 months later, you’ve quoted 75 unique prospects, and you’ve only made $4,000 in total revenue with us. 
  • 💰We would pay you back $3,500 to make sure you’ve at least broken even on your investment with us.

You absolutely can lose money in insurance. But you can’t lose money on your investment with Firefly.

Why Firefly Offers a Risk-Free Guarantee

We know we can deliver on our promises to you.

  • For example, despite the market challenges of 2023, our new agents averaged 12+ carrier appointments!
  • Because we give you so many carriers, plus training that’s focused on helping you write policies and software to save you time, we’re confident you will succeed.

The only thing stopping you from growing is your ability to quote real prospects.  If you can get in front of people, Firefly’s carriers and tools will help you close them.

Lastly, we’re confident making this guarantee because we’re not a typical agency network. We limit the number of agents that can join us each month, and we turn away far more agents than we allow to come on board. 

Simply put, we only work with the best agents. This makes it easy for us to have such an agent-friendly guarantee.

🏆 You might be one of those great agents – and we’re the only agency network who gives you this guarantee.

With Firefly, You Also Get:

Some companies may do a few things on the above list. Firefly is the only place you can get all of them.

Invest in Firefly with Confidence

We know that agents who quote enough prospects will make money and succeed with Firefly’s model. If you do the work, Firefly can help you grow your agency.

You don’t need to worry about Firefly delivering on our promises. While we’ve always been proud of our agent reviews on Google, in Facebook groups, and elsewhere, we decided to take it one step further:

💲Our Risk-Free Guarantee is how we put our money where our mouth is.

  • And it’s one more reason you can put your confidence in Firefly.

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