How Exactly Does Firefly’s All-for-One Requirement Work?

You need to grow your in-force Firefly premium by $100,000 per year until you reach $500,000 of in-force premium. To be clear, the requirement is about actual growth in active premium, not just new business.

After your first 12 months with Firefly, if you didn’t meet your $100,000 growth requirement, you won’t be immediately terminated. You will pay a $100 per month fee for the next 12 months and be measured again at 24 months. If you have reached or exceeded $200,000 of in-force premium at that time, the $100/month fee will stop. If it becomes clear that you are struggling to meet the requirement over time, your contract with us will end. Because you own the book, you have lots of options at that point.

Production Requirement

This annual review pattern continues until you exceed $500,000 of active premium. As long as you maintain at least that amount, you will have no further production requirements. (If you drop below $500,000, the fee and requirement kick in again until you get back above it.)

You’re in an even better position if you get off to a fast start. For example, imagine you cross the one-year mark as a Firefly agent with over $300,000 of in-force premium. Then, for any reason, your production in the second or third year is much lower. As long as you have at least $200,000 in force at the end of year two, and $300,000 at the end of year three, you are considered to be on track – even if you wrote all of it in your first 12 months.

In short, if you have met or exceeded the production requirement for the number of years that you’ve been with Firefly, you will be considered to have met your requirement.

Meeting the All for One requirement satisfies all of the carriers and that gives you the flexibility to put your customers with their best option without worrying that you will lose that carrier. This makes it easier to get and keep your customers!

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