How to Make “no” Work for you

Even if you’re an independent insurance agent who sells lots of policies, you probably react to other salespeople with a reflexive “no.” ?

In this video, Hans shares a quick tip that can help you put that “no” to good use. It will make your prospect feel more comfortable, and will increase your chances of moving forward with them.

This concept is popular with authors Chris Voss (Never Split the Difference) and Stephen Schiffman (Telesales). We highly recommend both books.

  • 00:03 : Insurance prospects will reflexively say “no”
  • 00:31 : ? How to make that reflexive “no” work for you
  • 00:55 : You can use this reflex to salvage a prospect
  • 01:05 : Your insurance prospect feels in control and you have a better chance of making a sale

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  • ▶️ Easy to work with

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