These Customers Love Telematics

We discovered that one type of customer loves telematics discounts on their car insurance.

In this video, we reveal who they are, and what you can do about it:

  • 00:00 : Introduction
  • 00:21 : Who LOVES telematics?
  • 00:29 : Why? Reason 1
  • 00:37 : Why? Reason 2
  • 00:46 : What should you do in your agency?

This and other topics are part of Firefly’s Modern Agent program for insurance agents. In it, we show you how you can make your agency:

  • ▶️ Easy to find
  • ▶️ Easy to buy from and
  • ▶️ Easy to work with

There’s much more that you can learn on this site. We hope you’ll enjoy it!